Are you ready for the challenge? Rescue Lander is a fun videogame based on the traditional “Lunar Lander” by Atari. Try your skills driving one of the 10 customizable spaceships and rescue some astronauts lost on two unexplored planets. You will play different levels to reach your goal, but be careful, a forced landing, an accident or an excessive waste of fuel, will ruin the mission.


  • Intuitive control system with real physic flight control.
  • 10 different spaceships, each one with its own characteristics of life, agility and engine.
  • Personalize your rocket to make it unique and different.
  • Amazing Power Ups: extra fuel, energy shield and coin magnet.
  • 42 levels to defeat, each one harder than the previous one.
  • Two colorful and attractive  planets: desert Mars and Foss, a frozen world.
  • It is easy to take off but, will you be able to acomplish the mission and be the best one?