Hello world!

And welcome everybody to the debut of Evolve Games Development Blog with the presentation of our new project, ‘The Swarm’.
We firmly believe in the importance of growing, and taking care of, an awesome community around our games. Simply put, as you’re the ones who are going to play our game, for us is vital receiving and taking your feedback into account in every decision we take during development. So for now on, if you want to take part, you’re officially invited to participate on this! Open development for the win!
With that objective in mind this blog aims to be the first step on growing said community and keeping each of you up to date with a mixture of Art, Design and Coding posts covering every advance of the development of our next game.

Talking about which… THE SWARM:

Have you ever dreamed about commanding hundreds of monstrous creatures in a mission to erase humanity from existence? Even better, ingesting every single life form on earth while you grow stronger, adapting to be a better weapon with each bite? Wait… Aren’t you and me part of humanity…? Whatever, this is your game!
Now for real, The Swarm is closer to the RTS than to any other genre but it does not exactly behave as a traditional RTS would do. As said above you will lead a never-ending army of terrific creatures against the little remains of humanity which will try, worthless, to survive the annihilation.

We’re designing a quick and action focused gameplay with an agile squad based control system which will let you give orders to hundreds of creeps at once, giving you the feeling of a battlefield literally flooded with your creatures advancing over the enemy positions. Other of the big points of the game is the resource system. In the game your main resource for growing and improving your army are the creeps themselves. This creates interesting situations where you have to carefully choose between becoming stronger and keeping the pressure on the enemy.
Adding to the core strategic gameplay we have some touches of RPG, (how not), and a strong focus on player progression and army customization as you advance through the game.

This is just a short preview, we hope we’ve got your interest and be sure to follow us for more detailed info in more posts coming soon. And please don’t hesitate on sharing your thoughts or questions with us!

Hoping you enjoyed the little intro,

Javi (Grimngor) – Game Designer