Evolve Games is a young game development studio decided to give a refreshing twist to Tactics and Strategy genres.
We have a clear idea:
Players First! With all our creative power loaded and ready for action we are committed to create the awesome games we dream of. The will to reach one more of you every day keeps us in constant evolution, adapting in order to create unique experiences.


Enlist in “The Guardforce”, a galactic alliance of heroes from distant worlds, to defeat an evil AI hivemind and stop his hordes of grotesque cybors from invading Earth!

Guardforce combines the action of a top-down shooter with mechanics inspired in the RTS genre to allow you to define your own strategy and survive the invasion! Master and customize your hero, command the local resistance or build-up an impenetrable bastion. The choice is yours!

(Guardforce is still in development with no release date announced).

Are you ready for the challenge? Prepare for an epic adventure across the galaxy in a mission to rescue our beloved astronauts! Test your skills choosing from several ones the ship that better suits your style and pilot it across unexplored plantes!


Located in Madrid, we were born in 2015, when two friends passionate about videogames decided to join forces (this time in real life) and set all their knowledge and experience at service of a common objective: To fund a Games Development Studio as mean to meet their dream, to create games from and for gamers. From there we evolved together in order to create unique experiences and share them with the world. Always working from the deep admiration and respect we feel towards this awesome community.


Javi Ansoleaga

Javi Ansoleaga

Game Designer, Art Director, BizDev, Producer

Aaron Escribano

Aaron Escribano

Lead Programmer

Álvaro Valera

Álvaro Valera

Gameplay & AI Programmer

Arantxa Minteguiaga

Arantxa Minteguiaga

3D Environment Artist

Adrián Zambrana

Adrián Zambrana

3D Modeler

Guillermo del Prado

Guillermo del Prado

Animator & FX Artist



You have a professional collaboration to offer us, looking to hire us (games on demand, advergaming, game ports, etc), you have some problem with any of our games, you simply want to give us some feedback or even just say hello. Please don´t hesitate contacting us!

Freelance VFX Artist - Top-down Stylized Unity game [Guardforce]

We hope you like explosions and laser beams! You will be in charge of creating all the VFX for character attacks, skills, environment, etc. This includes configuring the different partycle systems in Unity’s “Shuriken” as well as creating the texture sheets they’ll use. Lastly you’ll also be responsible of all the shader creation needs of the project. We have some VFX libraries waiting for you to take advantage of reusing or adapting them. Our cartoony/stylized VFX style aims to be similar to that of popular MOBAs like League of Legends, Dota 2, Battlerite, etc.


  • Advanced knowledge of Unity engine and it’s “Shuriken” particle system.
  • Experience creating shaders in Unity, be it for characters, environment or different effects (we use Amplify Shader Editor plugin).
  • An astonishing art style and 2D painting skills to be able to make Guardforce shine with your effects.
  • Experience with Photoshop or the like for painting the different textures and animated texture sheets.
  • Deep passion for art, sci-fi and video games.


  • You’ll get to work in an advanced project in which all your work is relevant and instantly visible in the game engine.
  • Be part of the art team in a young and friendly studio where everyone joins efforts together for a common goal.
  • You’ll be constantly learning and evolving with us in this amazing project, gaining a valuable experience. We always form our team members to the best of our ability.
  • We have an accessible and open-minded work ethic in which everybody helps. And as long as you’re a professional worker, fun within a gamer/geek team is guaranteed!

Finnancing and Payment model:

Unfortunately being this our first big project we’re lacking the funding to provide the team a proper payment. So we’re opting for a revenue share model in the mean time. Be sure finnancing is our maximum priority right now. For this, our current plan in the short-term is to finish a vertical slice/demo, and we need your help! Once it’s done we’ll start showcasing it at every show and videogame expo to meet publishers and find financing opportunities to be able to hire and pay you as you deserve.


Please send your Portfolio and other relevant documents/information to jobs@evolvegames.es
Thank you for your time and interest! Please feel free to contact us via email should you have any questions or are interested to apply for this position. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Us

Our Office:

Our Office

Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 2, Colmenar Viejo, 28770 (Madrid)