Evolve Games is a young game development studio focused on Tactics and Strategy games. We have a clear idea: Players First! With all our creative power loaded and ready for action we are committed to create the awesome games we dream of. The will to reach one more of you every day keeps us in constant evolution, adapting in order to create unique experiences.


Comming Soon...


We are working really hard in a new project for PC and we can’t wait to tell you all about it as soon as it’s ready!
We are still planning on showing an early implementation of it in order to get your feedback. It just requires a little bit more cooking time.

Rescue Lander

Are you ready for the challenge? Prepare for an epic adventure across the galaxy in a mission to rescue our beloved astronauts! Test your skills choosing from several ones the ship that better suits your style and pilot it across unexplored plantes!  
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Located in Madrid, we were born in 2015, when two friends passionate about videogames decided to join forces (this time in real life) and set all their knowledge and experience at service of a common objective: To fund a Games Development Studio as mean to meet their dream, to create games from and for gamers. From there we evolved together in order to create unique experiences and share them with the world. Always working from the deep admiration and respect they feel towards this awesome community.

From Gamers, With Gamers, For Gamers

We’ve spent our life enjoying the videogames culture, and we believe videogames are more than a hobby, they are an art, and a way to communicate with the community we’ll always feel part of and that to which we want to be loyal dedicating our life to create enjoyable experiences.

Young, Formed, Professional

We are a team of enthusiasts, who started taking baby steps in programming, art and design at an early stage. We wanted to know how videogames were made so we kept on expanding our knowledge until today. Forming a professional team full of motivation! It’s sure we’ll find a lot to learn and enjoyment ahead!

Keep Evolving

Innovation and improvement are our way to go game after game pursuing success. But we don’t expect you to like something we created without truly believing on it. That’s why we create the games we dream seeing out there some day. And we’ll keep listening you so any lapse will transform in a new opportunity to improve!


Javi Ansoleaga

Javi Ansoleaga

CEO, Game Designer, Producer

Javi is Evolve’s all in one guy, he likes… Well, basically everything, he is always looking to learn new things in any field. And has some skills in art, game design and even some code. He likes organizing everything to the milimeter (yes, that much…) And is passionate about all geeky things, especially video games.

Daniel Rodrigo

Daniel Rodrigo

Animator & FX Artist

Dani is the one infusing live to our games. From run cycles to epic explosions, he’s the best at converting cold lifeless models into a live thing. He’s quite capable  when learning new tools or disciplines to overcome any challenge. He’s also our “noises guy”. We just advise not letting him do any commit at all.

Aaron Escribano

Aaron Escribano

Lead Programmer

Aaron is our lead programmer, loves implementing mechanics and cool tools for designers. Never misses an occasion to add his bits to game design . He’s kind of crazy at times, but compensates with a never ending will to keep learning super complicated stuff to implement on the games! Hugs a Nintendo pillow while dreaming.

Adrián Zambrana

Adrián Zambrana

3D Modeler


Álvaro Valera

Álvaro Valera

Gameplay & AI Programmer

Álvaro, “Bardo” is a true code lover of the few lasting. He really likes the darkest and most complex aspects of development, the mysterious “backend”, specially AI. You can ask him to refactor or clean any code and he will happily do it. But don’t you dare on asking him to get rid of his beard! He has a dangerous laugh…

Jesus Vetia

Jesus Vetia

UI & Concept Artist

Jesus loves every and all kinds of art you could think about and is a  super duper positive person, always transmitting good vibes to the team. He’s the Artistic core at Evolve with a set of skills ranging from Concept & Illustration to CGI with a touch of graphic design. He’s tha guy and has a conspiration going.



You have a professional collaboration to offer us, looking to hire us (games on demand, advergaming, game ports, etc), you have some problem with any of our games, you simply want to give us some feedback or even just say hello. Please don´t hesitate contacting us, communication with all of you is one of our main priorities, we’re always eager to hear from you!

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Our Office:

Our Office

Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 2, Colmenar Viejo, 28770 (Madrid)


We don’t have any open positions right now.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in working with us, please send us your CV. We will review it for future oportunities:


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